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The current real estate climate has offered home buyers like yourself an exciting opportunity: to be able to afford more and better real estate than you could before. Having Inga Toi searching for a condominium for rent in Toronto for you doesn't make quite as much sense as purchasing, since rents will surely recover faster. And as long as you're buying, why not move somewhere you've always admired, like Bakersfield, California? Bakersfield, CA is a thriving city with a balmy climate and a welcoming attitude. Come down to check out the real estate on offer and its friendly citizens will welcome you with open arms and soon you'll find yourself not wanting to leave. For a brief overview of what you can expect on your trip, browse through the following pages of information on Bakersfield, CA.

Bakersfield, California: Home of the Bakersfield Sound

Nestled amongst the southern foothills of the San Joaquin Mountains in Kern County lies the city of Bakersfield, California. Originally a malarial swamp, it was settled by Europeans in the 1850s and 1860s after gold and oil were discovered nearby. The gold and oil helped Bakersfield to develop while its distance from other major population centers (like Los Angeles and Fresno, both more than 100 miles distant) has kept it from falling prey to the bedroom community syndrome that has ballooned the cost of living in many Southern California cities. With a population of about 328,000, Bakersfield, CA is the 11th largest city in the state. You may find the price of California real estate much different than Bradford real estate sold by Betty's Power Team.

Even after all these years, oil is still one of Bakersfield, CA's most important industries. Many residents find employment extracting or refining petroleum while others have jobs that date back even further in the city's history to the days of agriculture, growing crops like citrus fruit, carrots, and pistachios in the fertile soil. There are also six hospitals in the city, giving Bakersfield a good basis in health care, along with several post-secondary institutes, including Bakersfield College and a branch of California State University.

Bakersfield, California is known in the music industry as the home of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard and the origin of the Bakersfield sound, a type of honkey tonk country music. Football, baseball, basketball and hockey are played at the college and minor league level and the city hosts numerous cultural fairs celebrating the heritage of its multicultural citizens.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, California's housing market is a mixture of historic and modern, Spanish and American. While the downtown area offers you the usual chrome-and-glass apartments and condos with convenient access to the most popular bars and nightclubs, there's also the quiet, leafy neighborhood of Westchester with its sprawling historic homes that date back to 1900. In between you have middle class neighborhoods like Stockton, which offer a range of detached homes and condos near to the mall and several public parks perfect for Barrie dental clinic staff meetings, and Kern City, a planned development that is popular with senior citizens.

Students looking for affordable apartments will have the most luck in Southwest Bakersfield, which is the city's most densely populated and diverse neighborhood and contains the university campus. Some of the nicest views come from the outlying rural neighborhoods like Rio Bravo and Kern Canyon, which are located in the bluffs and canyons of the foothills. Those who are looking for a home in an area truly unique to Bakersfield should try the area around Buck Owens Boulevard, which is the home of Bakersfield's country music entertainment scene.

The cost of living in Bakersfield, California 93.1, less than the U.S. average of 100 and far less than the cost of living in most Southern California cities, which tend to hover around 140 to 180. The average single family home costs about $349,000 while town houses cost about $259,000 on average and condos range from $162,000 to $212,000. Average rents are about $870 per month.

Contact a Bakersfield, CA Real Estate Agent

For help arranging your real estate fact-finding trip, contact one of our local real estate agents. Arranging a meeting with one of them while you're here is the best and fastest way to get a feel for the area's real estate market. With their help, you'll be able to quickly find listings that suit your requirements, review the properties thoroughly before you declare an interest, and get the best possible deal once you decide to buy. Remember, though, you don't have to be dead set on the city already to call, they'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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